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Mission Hills   
North Park   
Mission Valley  
Point Loma   
Ocean Beach      
Pacific Beach   
La Jolla   
Del Mar     
Rancho Bernardo   
Rancho Penasquitos 

Racho Santa Fe   
Carmel Valley      

Mira Mesa   
University City   

La Mesa    

El Cajon    


Chula Vista

Blue Pool Solutions

Blue Pool Solutions


Swimming Pool Cleaning and Repair

Residential Weekly Maintenance Services

All-Inclusive Swimming Pool Cleaning Service Package   

starting  @  $128.00 per month

  • Test chemicals and adjust accordingly 
  • Empty skimmer, pump strainers, and leaf canister baskets 
  • Back wash filter and recharge with DE  
  • Check equipment for leaks
  • Brush walls, tiles, and stairs
  • Net surface debris
  • Vacuum floor
  • Phosphate treatments 
  • Algaecides 
  • No annual conditioner fees 
  • Filter cleaning included!!!

​All-Inclusive Spa Cleaning Service Package  

starting  @  $98.00 per month

  • Test Chemicals and adjust accordingly
  • Wipe down edges and controls
  • Check equipment for leaks
  • Net surface debris
  • Vacuum floor
  • Clean filter
  • Clean cover
  • ​Plus!  Drains and refills included

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