The Birth of Blue Pool Solutions:
    Bob has been working in the pool industry since 2002.  His first year of experience was as a laborer for a pool builder in the Chicago suburbs.  Enjoying the challenges involved with work in the industry, he moved out west for employment with a large pool service company.  After a couple years of hard work as a route cleaner he was promoted to an assist manger position and continued his growth of pool knowledge.  Eventually, he became the general manager of a pool maintenance & repair branch in San Diego.  Here his knowledge expanded with a wide variety of skills that motivated the birth of Blue Pool Solutions.  
    This swimming pool repair & care company is dedicated to finding the right solutions. It is lead by someone that prides himself on his integrity, professionalism, and reliability.  Bob has had his hands on over 5000 swimming pools and is ready for yours!

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Swimming Pool Cleaning and Repair