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Blue Pool Solutions

Blue Pool Solutions

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Blue Pool Solutions is a swimming pool maintenance, repair and care company that prides itself on finding the right solutions for your pool. Every pool functions as its own unique ecosystem with many variables that can end up causing problems. We have solutions for countless issues that may develop with your pool. Call today and hire a professional that cares about your pools efficiency along with the clarity and cleanliness.

 Blue Pool Solutions offers  quality pool repair & services in  the following San Diego areas..

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Top 10 Reasons Your Swimming Pool Water Might be Cloudy

Swimming Pool Cleaning and Repair


  1. Inconsistent chlorination

  2. Pump not running long enough

  3. Water level too low 

  4. Pool filter dirty

  5. Pool valve incorrectly positioned

  6. Suction side plumbing leak

  7. Variable speed pump improperly set  

  8. Skimmer or pump baskets filled with debris

  9. pH has drifted too high

  10. Had great pool party, oops too many people invited!



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